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5-step creative strategy for FB and TikTok ads

Step 1: Establish the Creative Foundation

  • Understand the branding guidelines and existing ads in the account.
  • Analyze top-performing and worst-performing creatives over the last six months.
  • Consider conversion rates, creative formats, and messaging themes.
  • Determine the success of different age and gender targeting as well as ad placements.

Step 2: Conduct Reputation and Competitive Research

  • Review the brand's organic social media presence, email campaigns, and website.
  • Examine content, messaging, engagement, and common customer questions.
  • Explore customer testimonials, press hits, and reviews to understand public perception.
  • Utilize the Facebook Ads Library and TikTok Ads Library to analyze competitor ads.

Step 3: Compile Features, Benefits, and Testimonials

  • Collect the best testimonials across social media and websites.
  • Identify frequently mentioned features and benefits in the messaging.
  • Revisit the client's branding guidelines and gather additional information about the brand.

Step 4: Develop the Initial Creative Roadmap

  • Create a monthly roadmap for content delivery, typically four creative concepts.
  • Use a ticketing system to prioritize and assign tasks to video editors.
  • Each ticket will result in three to six assets testing a core creative strategy.
  • Consider variables like different upgrades or variations for testing.

Step 5: Refine and Iterate

  • Collaborate with the growth and creative teams to select and refine concepts.
  • Write detailed tickets outlining messaging based on research findings.
  • Use frameworks like the ADA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) model for messaging.
  • Plug in the gathered messaging from research into the UGC (User-Generated Content) outline.
  • Continuously review and optimize creative strategies based on performance data.

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