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The Node Difference

Combining decades of experience with the latest technology in machine learning to bring you a digital ad partner unparalleled in discovering and scaling new audience frontiers

Our Capabilities

Creative Strategy & Production

  • Market and competitor research
  • Creative brief development
  • UGC, videos & static ad production
  • Creative testing documentation

Media Buying

  • Campaign measurement using advanced analytics tools
  • Custom live dashboards for enhanced reporting
  • Customer persona research for targeted advertising
  • Full-funnel ad strategy for maximum conversion
  • A/B testing for creative and targeting optimization
  • Data-driven decisions to refine campaign performance
  • Proactive measures to improve campaign effectiveness
  • Cross-channel optimization

Customer Retention

  • Strategies designed to convert leads and reconvert existing customer
  • Management of CRM, email, SMS, and the entire customer lifecycle
  • Build personalized client journeys to boost engagement and conversions
  • Tailor experiences to increase customer lifetime value and loyalty
  • Create advocacy programs to leverage word-of-mouth and referrals.

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • High-impact experimentation
  • Visitor drop-off tracking
  • A/B testing on website elements
  • Website optimization for mobile
  • Identification of friction points
  • Advanced analytics implementation

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Audit existing data infrastructure, tools, and reporting
  • Audit of event mapping methodology and integrations
  • Roadmapping data infrastructure upgrade and event tracking in phases
  • Building visualizations to support business goals across all marketing channels
  • Understanding attribution goals and building a methodology that supports unique business needs
  • Advising on tools and integrations to best support data build-out

Influencer Marketing

  • Gifting and product seeding programs
  • Influencer identification and vetting
  • Outreach and relationship management
  • Whitelisting on Meta
  • Post-campaign analytics and reporting

Our channels and tools


Slow response times, leaving you waiting for answers.

Guaranteed 24-hour response times - We're here when you need us.

Decisions often based on guesswork rather than solid data

Data at the forefront of every strategy, ensuring decisions are informed, effective, and tailored to your audience

Barely understand how to track data

Conversion-tracking nerds with LTV models

Randomly testing creatives

Persona Driven Creatives, Tested Across Different Theme

One-size-fits-all campaign adjustments, ignoring YOUR brand need

Tailored optimization and creative strategies that evolve with your campaign performance, ensuring maximum ROI.

Stale strategies that don’t adapt to market changes

Test fast, scale faster

Our Key Industries


DTC Marketplaces, Subscription Services, Niche

Mobile Apps

Retail, Social Media, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Productivity, Travel

Mobile Games

RPG, adventure, and multiplayer battle arenas

Health & Wellness

Workout, mental wellness, and meditation


Gyms and flourists

In the first 90 days, Our clients:

Improve CAC by 33% | Improve Creative Win Rate by 40% | Assure Guaranteed Response Time 24 hrs

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