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Decrease in average CPA


More purchases


Reduction in creative fatigue

Soundboks makes the world’s loudest portable bluetooth speakers.Their goal: Supercharge their entrance into the US market while maintaining profitable unit economics.
Reduced inefficient spend across ad-channels with the focus on incrementality and marginal rate of returns.
Restructured the campaigns and testing methodology.
Improved creative performance for existing assets with video refinements and edits.

MoM scale in preorders


Lower CPA

Spout revolutionizes the way we access clean drinking water. This countertop device harnesses moisture from the air, generating up to 2.5 gallons of pure, alkaline water daily. Spout came to Node Media with the goal of creating a strong CAC: LTV ratio and diversifying its channel mix.
4x channel tested, determining the 2 scalable channels
Solid creative testing framework
CRO suggestions to solve the gaps

revenue growth


days to exceed ROAS goals


more repeat subscriptions

Vejo pairs delicious and nutritious smoothie powders with their powerful blender to create fresh shakes on the go. Before Node Media, Vejo struggled to scale their ad spend while remaining profitable.
Restructure ad campaigns to decrease audience overlap
Refined messaging and audience for retargeting ads

Decrease in Blended CPT


Increase in Blended ROAS

SHRED is a premium fitness app that features both home and gym workouts designed by human experts, not AI. SHRED came to Node Media after iOS14 disruptions, struggling to profitably buy users. Additionally, they sought guidance on creative testing and messaging.
Consolidate and clean campaign structure, SKAN schema
Refine creative messaging through user persona research + AI
Used Google UAC to test additional themes and YouTube videos

Increase in sales


Reduction in average Cost Per Purchase


Increase in average CTR

Spinn is an innovative, app-controlled luxury coffee maker for true connoisseurs. The pod-less machine uses G-Force infusion up to 5,000 RPM to brew espresso, cold brew and more in less than 1 minute. Spinn’s goal working with Node Media was to reduce overall CPA and utilize creative to educate and attract the right consumers.
Lowered Cost Per Purchase for Black Friday by 88%
Lowered Cost Per Add to Cart for Black Friday by 55%

Expanded to 50+ countries with individual strategies.


Achieved 50% lower CPIs vs. industry average


Increase in Incremental Revenues

Lightfox Games, chose Node Media's team to oversee the user acquisition launch for their premier game, Knight's Edge. Knight's Edge is a fast-paced, 3v3 multiplayer action battle game that encourages anyone to gear up and take the field. Our goal was to rapidly scale, devise meaningful tests, and expand to an international audience while maintaining spend efficiency.
Developed full funnel acquisition strategies for new users & re-targeting.
Created custom data solution to attribute multi-channel revenue.
Expanded launch to 50+ different countries with individual regional strategies.

ROAS increase exceeding client goal by 5X


Increased D7 ROAS on Google


User Acquisition & Retargeting ROAS

Introduced new TikTok and Snapchat channels, where the audience has stronger reactions and engagement
Refocused User Acquisition campaign to favor in-app event over other traffic and volume.
Altered Retargeting campaign to drive higher traffic.
Moved Google campaign optimization from MAI to IAA (in-app action) toward purchase.
16.4 Mn

New Users in 5 Months


Decrease in Cost Per Action


Onboarding Partner

Expand app availability to English and Spanish-speaking (ESS) markets and scale ESS user base while lowering the cost of user acquisition.
User expansion to English & Spanish Speaking Markets
Scale ESS user base while lowering the cost of user acquisition
Improve app downloads.

revenue increase within 90 days


improvement on historical ROAS


better ROAS vs target goal

Blue Bear Protection is an established provider of consumer personal protection equipment like face masks, sanitization supplies, thermometers and more. Blue Bear sought to develop their direct-to-consumer reach in light of increased COVID-19 needs.
Partner closely with Facebook's agency team to maintain compliance during quickly changing PPE advertising rules.
Implement audience modeling utilizing both internal and external data sources.
Build customer segments, targeting both individual consumers as well as business owners and mass purchasers.

Increase in monthly leads


Cost saving by day-parting & demand analysis

Equinox is a luxury fitness company with several lifestyle brands. More than a gym, Equinox is a temple of wellbeing with world-class personal trainers, group fitness classes and spas in America, Canada and the UK.
Implemented complex budget adjustments via day-parting.
Closely controlled budgets, messaging and creatives.
Grouped key areas with specific regional audiences.

Exceeded daily install goal


Better CPE over target goal


New traffic sources on-boarded

Local Now is a localized app streaming news, weather and other relevant content to more than 230 cities. Powered by The Weather Channel and other content providers, Local Now delivers a daily dose of local info via mobile apps and TV streaming apps.
Set up mobile measurement platform (MMP) to monitor success.
Create events to track and define repeat engagement for campaign optimization.
Onboard new traffic sources to discover new audiences, including new social platforms, ad networks, and demand side platforms (DSP).

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