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How a Media Buying Expert Audits Meta Ad Accounts in 2023

How a Media Buying Expert Audits Meta Ad Accounts in 2023

I audited 15+ Meta ad accounts in the last 30 days and 80% of them had these three big gaps:

1. Running link-click campaigns

2. Testing 5 – 6 different audiences

3. Not testing creatives or angles

Meta ads have transformed 360 degrees in the last two years, but your agency might still be testing things like it’s still 2018. To help your business come into the current year, I consolidated an exhaustive list of exhaustive list of best practices:

1. Technical Setup

  • Integrate Meta Pixel and set up events with a conversion value
  • Set up Meta Conversions API (CAPI) – CAPI integration improves attribution by 15-20%
  • Enable advanced matching- Advanced matching helps by improving match rate
Get the most accurate tracking by installing Meta Pixel and Meta Conversions API.

2. Campaign and Ad Setup

  • Choose the most important objective: purchase, subscribe, or trial – optimizations like traffic or add to cart barely result in incrementality
  • Consolidate campaigns – running 10+ interest audiences result in fragmentation aka higher CPMs
  • Keep a minimum daily budget of 4 – 5 x of your CPA
  • Don’t miss out on Advantage+
Optimizing for your most valuable event helps you target people who actually converts.


3. Ad creatives

  • Keep a separate ad set for testing
  • Leverage UGC and whitelisting ads with creators – in 2023, creatives are your #1 weapon. Users watch 100’s of ads every day and beating banner blindness is tough
  • Utilize post IDs (existing posts) instead of launching new ads
  • Experiment with different ad copies (the messaging)– experimenting will help your ads reach a relevant audience  
Ad creatives are currently driving the majority of media buying performance!

4. Landing Page Optimizations (LPO)

  • Ensure your landing page loads in less than 3 seconds– reduces bounce rate
  • Follow the F-pattern for user attention– captures user attention efficiently
  • Above the fold should have clear benefits, not just features– highlights value proposition
  • Audit checkout flow for any drop-offs– minimize drop-offs
  • Use HotJar or MouseTrap to diagnose possible issues– identify and resolve issues proactively


Landing page optimizations can help boost the conversion rate of your website, lowering your overall costs of conversions or acquisitions.

5. Other Tips

  • Ensure UTMs are set up
  • Keep a backup Meta ad account
  • Ensure you get statistically significant data before concluding
  • Don’t make changes daily
  • Identify best-performing days and months
  • Review patterns in weeks and months
  • Track what worked or didn’t during those best and worst durations

To Recap

  • Fix your tracking and implementation CAPI
  • Consolidate campaign structure
  • Utilize UGC and whitelisting content
  • Utilize Advantage+ shopping and app campaigns
  • Test ad creatives separately
  • Test landing pages proactively

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