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How to Create a Facebook Ads Account Using Business Manager

How to Create a Facebook Ads Account Using Business Manager

Just getting started with Facebook Ads? You will need an ad account to share with your digital marketing agency! 

You may wonder, “Why can’t my digital marketing agency create an ad account for me?” The answer is that your ad account is your business asset and will contain your personal and business information, therefore you should have ownership over your information by creating the ad account yourself. Additionally, if you choose to switch digital marketing agencies, you’ll lose all the data that your ad account had collected like your best-performing ads, your customers, and your pixel information. This information will be helpful for the new digital marketing agency to have so they can better support your marketing goals. 

Moreover, creating your own Facebook Ads Account in your Business manager is quick and easy. Discover how with our quick step-by-step guide. 

Step 1

Log into with your credentials to access your Meta Business Center account.

Step 2

In the bottom left corner, click the gear icon to open your Business Settings.

Step 3

In the left-hand side, under "Accounts," click "Ad accounts".

Step 4

Click on "Add," then click "Create a new ad account". Follow the instructions that appear to set up your new ad account.

Keep in mind that Meta limits the number of ad accounts you can create for a given period of time. The number of accounts you create will increase with the age of your ad account and your track record of paying your ad bills on time. 

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