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How to Grant Google Analytics Access

How to Grant Google Analytics Access

Granting Google Analytics access to your digital marketing agency is an essential step in establishing a secure highway of information between your business and your digital marketing agency. 

Your digital marketing agency may need to access your Google Analytics to track the actions of your customers on your website. Tracking your customers is useful in figuring out where your customers are dropping off in your marketing funnel. 

To grant Google Analytics access, it is not recommended that you share your login information with your digital marketing agency because that would allow them full access to all your business’ information (e.g., financial information, personal information, admin privileges, etc.) 

Instead, you should share your Google Analytics by inviting your digital marketing agency partners to work on your account. This way, you’re able to set their access level to protect you and your business information. 

Step 1

Log into with your credentials.

Step 2

Click the gear icon in the bottom-left corner to go to the Admin settings.

Step 3

Click "Account Access Management".

Step 4

Click on the blue plus icon.

Step 5

Click "Add users".

Step 6

Under "Email addresses," add the email(s) of the marketer(s) you are working with at your chosen digital marketing agency. Make sure "Notify new users by email" is checked.

Step 7

Select "Marketer," then click "Add" at the very top to finish up!

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