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How to Respond to Meta Ad Comments

How to Respond to Meta Ad Comments 

An untapped goldmine of information lies in your Meta ad comments. The comments give you insight into how people react to your ad though the emotions it inspires, whether they be positive or negative. The comments section is also a great place to source frequently asked questions about your product and future ad ideas.

Follow this step-by-step guide to read what people are saying about your product and your ads. 

Step 1

Log into with your credentials.

Step 2

Select "Go to Ads Manager".

Step 3

Click on the campaign you want to manage the comments of, then click the ad set until you can see the individual ads.

Step 4

Let's make the "Post comments" column (highlighted) visible on your dashboard so you can see which posts have the most comments. Click "Columns: Custom".

Step 5

Scroll down in the menu and click, "Customize columns".

Step 6

Type in "comment" in the search box. Click "Post comments," then click "Apply".

Step 7

You should now be able to sort your ads by the amount of comments it received (highlighted).

Step 8

Select the ad you're interested in viewing and responding to the comments of, then click "Preview".

Step 9

Click "Share," then click which platform's comments you want to view. In this case, let's view the comments on Facebook, so click "Facebook post with comments".

Step 10

A new page will open where you can view and respond to the ad comments (highlighted).

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