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How to Upload Past Purchaser Audiences on Google Ads

How to Upload Past Purchaser Audiences on Google Ads

Supercharge your Google ad targeting by uploading past purchaser information to Google Ads. By uploading past purchaser information (i.e., email), you are able to target them again with ads which will increase their likelihood of becoming a repeat customer. In the long run, retargeting your previous customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new customers. 

In our easy, step-by-step guide, we will guide you through how to supercharge your Google ad targeting with past purchaser lists. 

Step 1

Go to and log into your account. 

Step 2

Click on "Tools and settings," then click on "Audience manager".

Step 3

Click on the blue plus button.

Step 4

Click "Customer list".

Step 5

Give your list/segment a descriptive name.

Step 6

Select the type of data you have on your customers.

Step 7

Upload your customer list. If you don't have a list yet, click on "template," then use the downloaded document to guide your customer list formatting. Don’t be confused by the multiple email fields, you’re allowed to add up to three emails, but it’s fine if you only have one.  

Step 8

Check the box to agree to Google's customer match policies.

Step 9

Click on "Membership duration" to expand the form, then click "No expiration".

Step 10

Give your segment a description if you want.

Step 11

Click "Save and continue" to finish up.

Step 12

You'll get confirmation that your list has been uploaded. It can take up to 24 hours for your list to be usable.

Now your customer list has been turned into an audience that can be used to target previous customers! 

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