Case Study

Blue Bear: 6X revenue increase within 90 days

Blue Bear Protection is an established provider of consumer personal protection equipment like face masks, sanitization supplies, thermometers and more. Blue Bear sought to develop their direct-to-consumer reach in light of increased COVID-19 needs.

revenue increase within 90 days


improvement on historical ROAS


better ROAS vs target goal



  1. Rapidly scale campaigns to access timely market opportunities.
  2. Navigate the restricted PPE category on Facebook and Google, as their prior agency's non-compliant tactics had resulted in disabled ad accounts.
  3. Improve ROAS, expand reach, identify new audiences and increase turnover.

Our Solutions

  • Structure new ad accounts and develop compliant campaign strategies designed for success in shifting market conditions. Craft compliant messaging and creative strategies while conveying broad product offering clearly and concisely.
  • Partner closely with Facebook's agency team to maintain compliance during quickly changing PPE advertising rules.
  • Implement audience modeling utilizing both internal and external data sources.
  • Build customer segments, targeting both individual consumers as well as business owners and mass purchasers.
  • Develop creative landing page strategies to funnel traffic toward hero products.
  • Work with their in-house creative team to guide lifestyle and product photography.


Blue Bear Protection was able to rapidly skyrocket sales, seeing a 6X increase in revenue over 90 days. With gradual, strategic scaling, we doubled historical ROAS performance and achieved 3X better CTR on new creatives.

Working with Node Media, Blue Bear Protection accelerated their growth in a competitive market, launching 4 new product lines and 30 new products within three months.

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