Case Study

Local Now: 31% decrease in cost-per-engagement while exceeding daily install goal by 2.5x

Local Now is a localized app streaming news, weather and other relevant content to more than 230 cities. Powered by The Weather Channel and other content providers, Local Now delivers a daily dose of local info via mobile apps and TV streaming apps.

Exceeded daily install goal


Better CPE over target goal


New traffic sources on-boarded



  1. Increase engagement metrics for new and existing users.
  2. Increase new users, with the goal of driving at least 1,000 daily installs.
  3. Drive installs cost-effectively, and ensure comprehsive reporting on
    engagement metrics for traffic analysis.

Our Solutions

  • Set up mobile measurement platform (MMP) to monitor success.
  • Create events to track and define repeat engagement for campaign optimization.
  • Onboard new traffic sources to discover new audiences, including new social platforms, ad networks. and demand side platforms (DSP).
  • Rigourosly optimize against creative, publisher, sub-publisher, and placement level data on ad networks to increase spend allocation on high-performing traffic. Establish and maintain budget thresholds to scale and hit targets while increasing installs.


Local Now was able to reach a large number of new users during our campaigns. With careful traffic source selection and continuous monitoring, we ramped up new installs to over 2,500 per day.

Working with Node Media, Local Now exceeded their goal by 2.5X while hitting budget and engagement targets.

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