Case Study

Vola : 75% Drop in Cost-per-subscription

Vola is a personal finance app offering services like instant cash advances, debt repayment, and credit building. Vola helps customers manage their money with analytics and smart graphs.

Improvement in Click-to-Install


Drop in CPA


Unblocked Ad Platforms:

Meta and Google


Vola contacted Node Media after getting blocked on Meta and Google and struggled to maintain a consistent flow of high-performance creatives.

Actions Taken:

  • Branched out to TikTok to diversify ad platforms
  • Launched tCPA campaigns to maintain profitable margins
  • Set-up pipeline of top-performing ad creatives


Node Media was able to unblock Meta and Google with our agency connections and diversified Vola’s paid traffic steam (i.e., TikTok) to be more resilient. Moreover, we’ve achieved Vola’s target CPA through optimizing ad creatives and using tCPA campaigns.

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